Project History

My best friend of all time is my Pet Dito, a pug full of energy and with his priorities right, always toward food. 🥰 He is in his best moment, with 8 yo and living the life at its fullest, and I started wanting to register that, so I could remember my best friend and celebrate his life while he is around.

Aside that, one of my biggest frustrations has always been not knowing how to draw, something that I finally decided to face and register this entire process in a collection of NFTs, which is immutable and will forever live on the blockchain recording my steps.

So, why not combine the two and make a collection of Dito while I learn how to draw?! It all then started with a Google search on “how to draw a Pug”, which presented me with an amazing tutorial by Draw So Cute. Which I followed step-by-step, and I drew a lot until I had a version that was just as cute, but that already started to print some of my own way to do things. From there on, day after day I’ve been drawing new Ditos and evolving in a way to find my own style and bring more joy and cuteness to the NFT community.

Eventually, the collection took on new proportions and became loved by the people who found it and that created our lovely community, full of amazing people willing to help each other and accompany me on this journey of mine.

Welcome and feel at home to be part of this community.

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